Exhibition and talk of the Exhibition about the Goals of Sustainable Development to the Educational Center Balaguer
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In the hall of the Educational Center Balaguer the exhibition Cities for the justice a vision of the goals of sustainable development Of have been able to enjoy pupils, teachers, and staff of the center, as well as of the talk about the goals (SDGs).

«Makes mistake that we change radically our idea about the
function of the education in the world-wide development,
because it has a catalytic impact in the welfare of the individuals
and the future of our planet. [...] Now more
that the education never has the responsibility of adapting oneself
to the challenges and the aspirations of the century xxi and to foster the values
and the competences suitable for achieving
a sustainable and inclusive growth and a communal life peaceful

IIrina Bokova, general director of the UNESCO
«The education can contribute, and it has to make it, in a new
vision of the sustainable world-wide development.»
(UNESCO, 2015)
Emprender the path of the sustainable development
Dates of the exhibition:

Of the 04/05/2018 in the 16/05/2018 in the hall of the Educational Center Balaguer
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights