Course: The Subsahrauí Africa in the current multipolar context
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The Department of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of L'Hospitalet shows the course: La África Sub-Saharaui, in the current multipolar context, coordinated by Africaye.

The course offers a vision of the main changes that are being produced in the African continent, from the action of the international actors at the pressure of the social movements, passing through the current contexts of the conflicts and the impact of the media, and the current pandemic of the COVID-19.

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It is necessary to send a mail to: "> , with the particulars (name and cognoms,DNI), a text of motivation to make the course and a brief summary of yours CV.
To obtain the certificate from assistance it will be necessary to attend, at least, 80% of the sessions.
He programs of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of L'Hospitalet
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Thursday, 19 November

Bulletin of the Diputació de Barcelona#InternacionalDiba 62 13/11/2020


Of the 6th October in the 19th November of 2020 Hourly
Schedule:   Them Tuesday and Thursdays, of 18.30 at 20.30 hr
(except 6 and 8 October) 
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The course will be to distance in webinar format.
because of the sanitary restrictions for the COVID-19.
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Town council of L'Hospitalet
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