Schools of L'Hospitalet, have started to exhibit the Exhibition about the Goals of Sustainable Development. The exhibition at the Jaume Balmes school The exhibition at the Jaume Balmes school
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In the hall of the school Jaume Balmes the exhibition Cities for the global justice: of a vision of the goals of sustainable development, pupils, teachers, and staff of the center, as well as of the talk about the goals (ODS), who are the result, of a process have been able to enjoy it of negotiation that involved the 193 Member States, of the ONU and also the participation without precedents of the civil company and other interested parts.
They are 17 goals of sustainable development with 169 goals unlike the 8 Goals of Development of the Millennium (ODM) with 21 goals. The ODS are from extense reach, perque throw themselves the elements interconnected of the sustainable development: the economic growth, the social inclusion and the protection of the environment. The complex challenges that there are in the world nowadays require that an extense gamma of questions they are covered, and to approach the fundamental causes of the problems and not only the symptoms.
Fechas de l'exposició:

Of the 12/03/2018 in the 23/03/2018 in the hall of the school Jaume Balmes
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights