Exhibition about the Goals of Sustainable Development
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It is about an exhibition about the Goals of Development Sustainable, directed to the public in general that he sets forth again in different spaces of the city of L'Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat.
The exhibition that will also arrive to different schools of the city, will go accompanied in these, of a talk with the pupils about the Goals.
The eighth Goal of Development of the Millenio (ODM), that it includes from to reduce the extreme poverty until stops the propagation of the SIDA and to guarantee the access in a primary education, a model follows agreed on fear all the countries of the world and all weary institutions of development. They have served as stimulus without precedents to substitute for needs of the poorest weary. The ONU together cone works the governments, the civil company and other organizations to use the generated impulse fear the Goals of Desarrrollo del Milenio and to continue advancing cone an ambitious program of development for afterwards.

Interactive version WORLD MAP OF HUMAN RIGHTS :

Armed conflicts, gender violence, the plundering of natural resources, the trafficking of people ... They are manifestations of the violence that has taken place for centuries throughout the planet, in every region of the world.
The news comes to us in a unattached way, but if we put on one map all these events we could begin to establish some cause-effect relationships among them. Violations of human rights around the world highlight the interdependence of human beings on the planet and, therefore, the need to protect these rights on a global scale. But initiatives to defend human rights multiply and the alliances between social movements of various continents grow. Some of these struggles can be found on the map
The MDGs video
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Dates of the exhibition:

Of the 19/02/2018 in the 25/02/2018 in the Municipal Sports of the Centre
Of the 26/02/2018 in the 04/03/2018 in the Municipal Sports SantFeliu
Sports Center Of 05/03/2018 to him '11/03/2018 in the Sports Center of the Gornal
Of 12/03/2018 to the 23/03/2018 in the hall of the school Jaume
Of 20/04/2018 to the 04/05/2018 in the Institut Bisbe Berenguer
Of 4/5/201/ to the 16/05/2018 in the Centre Educatiu Balaguer
Of 18/05/2018 to the 01/06/2018 in the CE Joan XXIII
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights