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The Cooperation and Solidarity Program offers schools the workshop "Come to Sub-Saharan Africa", during the 2019-2020 academic year, we have reached the V edition of the workshop. We have the objective of spreading among the youth of the city, the basic values ??of coexistence and cooperation through African history and culture.
Africa gives us a lot of riches, especially in dance and dance that its universal languages, and that transmit the union of communities while stressing the importance of respect between people to maintain a cohesive society.
To achieve these objectives, we have programmed two interactive activities, where we immersed ourselves in West Africa through its music-social reality. From a Historical-Cultural perspective, we have brought different cultures closer together, discovering the similarities of different realities, while we have worked on cooperation, empathy, social cohesion, conflict resolution and the reasons for forced migrations.
The action consists of three activities:
1-Approach in African dance
2-Approach to African music
3-African music and dance at the EMMC
These activities are directed at fear technicians in cooperation with the NGO ONG CohesionArt and performed by fear dancers and professional musicians from West Africa.

Video summary of the activity

Videos of workshops in schools
Esplai Pubilla Cases
IES Bellvitge
Margarita Xirgu
IES Sata Eulàlia
IES Can Vilumara

Video of the activity to the EMMCA

Workshop since the 15/01/2019 until 31/05/2019 COME CLOSER TO THE SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA

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