Perform the 5ªedició of award ceremony of the Workshop of comic for the Human Rights

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570 pupils of 5th and 6th of primary they have made different workshops to learn to elaborate a comic to shape different values related with the solidarity, the peace, the friendship or the communal life, among other. The comical winner of this 5th edition of the prizes of the Workshop of comic for the Human Rights, denounces the school the sexism and the bullying.
During this year, the Program of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council has organized in 14 centers of primary of the city, 23 workshops about human rights. The comic is shown like this as a means of expression for treating several subjects.
The Youth Theater has been the stage of the act of prize-giving. This year three pupils of the school Menédez Pidal , the Neus, Izan and Daniel , the winners of this edition have been. The frames explain stories that speak about the sexism and the bullying and have encouraged the other children to being how they are.
The director of the Program of Cooperation of the town council, Nicolás Cortés, has explained that "10 years ago we had the idea about joining the comics to values and human rights. First we form the children and girls in the elaboration of comics so that afterwards cone subjects shape the racism, the communal life, the friendship or the human rights". The comics are published later in a book where cartoonists of prestige collaborate.

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Day: 19 of November 2019
Hour: 11 hr
Place: Teatre Joventut

Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights