Final Soiree and prize-giving of the Festival of Shorts of L'Hospitalet 2020

?seeing image of The virtual Soiree (new window)
The Final Gala of the awards ceremony of the L'Hospitalet Short Film Festival, we enjoyed it virtually this year, for the reasons that the COVID-19 has imposed on us. Presented the awards of the two categories Global'h and Metropol'his, the awards were for:
In the Global'h category, which includes international cooperation shorts:
The animation award has been for the short A day in the park, of Diego Porral. The second prize has been for Pipo et l'Amour Aveugle of Anatole Zangs and Solange Frejean and the Global'h 1st prize of short of International Cooperation it is for Migrantes of Hugo Caby.

The second category of the Festival, Metropol'his, where in 48 hours the hyphen has to be written, to choose locations and to roll one short from 3 premises. They have been the prizes: the prize in the best photography , for Tobias Saied of the short Cinco . The prize in the best guion for Daniel Linero, of the short  Compi de piso. The prize to the best direction for Garcia Oscar Morilla of the short Compi de piso. The prize to the 2nd best short of the Metropol'his, Atzucac of Anna Mundet. and the 1st prize Metropol'his is for Cinco deTobias Saied.

Day: Saturday on day 14 of November of 2020   Hour: 18 hr
Place: Virtual Soiree

Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights