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The Program of Cooperation and Solidarity continues, like years 2018 and 2019, the workshop offering the schools "Close to sub-Saharan Africa" that will be made since 01/01/2020 until 31/05/2020.
With the goal to pass to the children to the cooperation international and to the Human Rights, l'enfoc of the workshop this linked to the subjects of music and dance, through the knowledge of the music and the dance of the Subsahrauí Africa.
The workshop this sent in the educational centers of secondary and high school of the Hospitalet.
The activities programmed for this sleep workshop:

Activity 1 - Approach to he sets to music it African. Sent to pupils from 1st to 4th of ESO and Batxillerat it consists on to introduce typical instruments of Africa in interactive way carried out by technicians in cooperation to the development and African musics

Activity 2 - Approach to the African dance. Once from 1st to 4th of ESO and Batxillerat has been sent to pupils, it consists of a performance for a dancer of African dances.

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Workshop since 01/01/2020 until 31/05/2020 Close to Sub-Saharan Africa
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights