Final Soiree of the Global Festival Metropolis 2019

?seeing image of Photo of the day of the Soiree of Piña Colada (new window)
It has taken place in the cinemas Filmax Gran Via de L'Hospitalet, the Final Soiree of delivery of the prizes of the Festival Metropolis and Global . The first prize of the Festival Gobal, that they buy short of international cooperation has been for the short one of animation a PATCHWORK, of Maria Manero Muro. The second prize of short of cooperation has been for Esculpiendo en la memoria of Rubén Seca and the Global 1st prize of short of International Cooperation it is for 27 Minutos of Fernando González Gómez.

The second category of the Festival, Metropol'His, where in 48 hours the hyphen has to be written, to choose locations and to turn one short of 5' from 3 premises. They have been the prizes: the prize in the best photography , for for Jessica Sibina of the short Te Quiero Lucía. The prize to the best hyphen for Ricardo Quispe , Ramón Carmona , Gregorio Zurita of the short Vidas Escondidas . Maria Rosa Bonet Presses of interpretation for protagonist of Acromatopsia . prize to the best direction is for  Eric Yanguas director of the short Hipocampo. Presses to the 2nd best short of the Metropolis, No soy normal of Claudia Vizuete and 1st Prize Metropolis him for Hipocampo of Eric Yangua

Video summary

Butlletí: #InternacionalDiba

Day: Saturday on day 19 of November of 2019
Hour: 18 hr
Place: Filmax Gran Way THE Hospitalet

Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights