Round table: Exchange of experiences in solid waste and recycling between L Hospitalet and Maputo, Mozambique
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The past 19 December of 2017 in the 18:30h, place took in the building of Ca n'Arús de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, a Round Table for l 'exchange of experiences in solid waste and recycling Hospitalet and Maputo, with the participation of the expatriated one of ESF in Maputo and the Director of the association Solidança. The table was moderate for the boss of the Service of international cooperation d 'WITH and shown by the Director of the Program of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of The Hospitalet, Nicolás Cortés Rojano Se go to discuss subjects about the GRSU in the city of Maputo and in L' Hospitalet, different situations opposite to North and South were analyzed. Moreover, information about the working conditions on the subject of GRSU was transmitted to Mozambique and to the interests of the local authorities for the development of this area. It had an active participation of some 20 assistants who brought its perspectives and experiences of North and South. Complementary information In the area of this project, Improvement of the Formality of the Urban Solid Waste, funded by the Town Council of L'Hospitalet, two pieces of audiovisual material were shown about the activities of the project main: 1. A next vision to the daily work of the cooperative of the local member Comsol, showing his day by day, its beginnings, its interests as a cooperative and its vision in future in the city of Maputo. 2. Accompaniment of the day on day of the operators of the local member Kutenga in the primary collection in the neighborhood of Maxaquene C. The before one and the afterwards, the challenges and the importance of its work in the neighborhood. On the other hand, an exhibition of photography about the activities of the project that came off opened and could be visited during the period of the parties was shown. This material was produced thanks to the collaboration of a volunteer in terrain, which traveled to Maputo for 3 months and brought its experience and vision. Moreover, the expatriated one set forth to Maputo and to the daily work with the local members, to local authorities and to population in GRSU in the District of KaMaxaquene and also, the present challenges and future the general activity of ESF. Per la seva part, the association Solidança, explained its experience and activity from its beginning in The Hospitalet since 20 years ago in its work about rehabilitation socio and work and professional formation for persons in situation of social vulnerability. In this point both organizations coincided to put the work in rise with the vulnerable communities for its integration into the professional life. At the end of the event, the assistants had access to informative material about the project and its activity in sensitization.
Day: 19 of December of 2017
Hour: 18:30 hr
Place: Ca n'Arús
Rbla de la Marina, 421
08901 The Hospitalet
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights