Screening and awards ceremony at the final Gala of the GlobaL'H and Metropol'his Festival 2017
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The MetropoL'His GlobaL'H festival comes to an end with a Gala full of surprises

After an edition full of emotions, the festival comes to an end and we celebrate it with a gala full of surprises. We have received short films from around the world under the values ??of GlobaL'H, shorts of high quality that make us reflect on Human Rights, and we shot the shorts of the well-known category MetropoL'His on a nervous weekend and action The jury already has a verdict and it's time to meet him.

In this event, as indicated in the category of GlobaL'H, we will see the winning shorts projected and the following prizes will be presented: Special mention for the animation award, the 2nd prize for development cooperation and the 1st prize for cooperation for development . From the category MetropoL'You can see all the short films made in 48 hours for the young participants in the category MetropoL'His and the award for the best performance will be presented, the Prize for the 2nd best short film MetropoL'His XII and the Metropol Award 'His XII L'Hospitalet Experience. During the gala, the public will have to decide which of the shorts made in 48 hours best integrates the three premises: the space Tecla Sala, a harmonica and the phrase "is a brown beast!", The shortest with more votes will be the winner of Audience Award.

The gala inspired by the actor Txiki Blasi will feature several well-known faces.

Here you can see the AWARDS and the winners
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Day: 10 of November of 2017
Hour: from 20 hr
Place: Cinemas Filmax Grande Vía, in the C.C. Big Way 2 of THE Hospitalet
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights