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    Miquel Carrillo presents us its book "To tread out again the streets": After of the economic fair weather the irruption of the crisis has provoked the big remnants in the international cooperation, it is necessary to tread out the streets again.
    The act will be shown and commented by the journalist and writer Elisenda Roca

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    The participative process to the elaboration of the Directive 5th Plan of Cooperation is opened to the Development, together with the evaluation and balance of the direct Cooperation in the town since the year 2015 in 2018
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    The Program of Cooperation and Solidarity offers again the year 2020 the audiovisiual workshop of cooperative cinema "EngLHoba't".
    Workshop that wants to foster the reflection of the and the youngsters about what he means to cooperate for a global world more exactly. The workshop is made through audiovisual mediums, with the intention that the youngsters and the youngsters appraise the Human Rights, the Culture of the Peace, the Communal Life and the Social Cohesion like real milestones and vivencials. We want to give tools so that the young persons have consciousness of its prejudices and stereotypes and to weave a fairer and egalitarian company. This activity is programmed in the context of formative intervention of the Festival MetropoL'His (Festival of short and video clips in 48 hr) / GlobaL'H (International festival of short of Cooperation to the Development).
    Each workshop is from 4 hours of duration that they will be made 2 hr by the students of high school every day for 2 days and formative cycles of IES of the Hospitalet, offer can also be programmed like out-of-school activity by the AMPA of the school or lamb in Mansion of Youngsters. Who participates in the workshops will have the opportunity to present its videos to the X MetropoL'His / GlobaL'H Festival that will be celebrated in our city during the month of October of 2020.

    To find more information: HERE  and to reserve HERE
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    Through a role play the participants in the workshop will reflect on the equality of opportunities among men and women, the patriarchal company, the men/women stereotypes and the strategies that we can promote to favor the equality.

    To find more information and to reserve the workshop:  INTRO
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