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    Presentation of the exhibition Xauen, the blue city . Xauen is a saintly city of the mountains of the Rif, an architectural pleasure of the North of Morocco has always been a cultural and religious center of irradiation and in a grant part of its urban planning and of its company has come off reflected its andalusí past.
    The pictures of Ahmed Balamine Alami , considerate a big artist in Xauen, they achieve to highlight the beauty of the city.

    Here you have the exhibition in the school Xaloc

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    Africa Home in the Forum Agenda 2030, that they intend to back up the fulfillment of the goals of Sustainable Development (SDG), he organizes a series of activities to introduce the different initiatives in areas like the education, the health, the equality of gender, the shared economic growth, the sustainable development, the reduction in the poverty and the inequalities. We present you one of these activities: Presentation of XI Presses of essay FOR THE DECENT WORK IN AFRICA . The paper of the union organizations in the centenary of ILO.


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    The premises that are asked to film the shorts will be shown via ZOOM . The participants will receive a link to being able to enter into the room. In this act 3 premises will be proposed and the equipment will vote the one that they like more in writing or raising the hand.

    Once the session has been finished, the chosen premises will be risen to the social nets and will be visible for all the world. From then the equipment will have 48 hours for engraving short his.


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    INTRODUCTION contextualization Africa and the course (from 18 to 19,30 hr)

    Bone we will be showing the material of the different sesions of the course.

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