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  • 15/11/2019
    The Town Council of The Hospitalet presents to Smart City Expo World Congress its implication with the Objective of Sustainable Development , and its implication in the promotion of the social innovation and to the to create a better future for the cities and its citizens in all the world. Also the Program of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of The Hospitalet will introduce the activities that in favor of the ODS and of the education about the ODS it has made to the schools, as well as to other activities carried out by the Program that want to promote the human development and to the Cooperation.

    Video of presentation
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    It has taken place in the cinemas Filmax Gran Via de L'Hospitalet, the Final Soiree of delivery of the prizes of the Festival Metropolis and Global . The first prize of the Festival Gobal, that they buy short of international cooperation has been for the short one of animation a PATCHWORK, of Maria Manero Muro. The second prize of short of cooperation has been for Esculpiendo in the memory of Rubén Seca and the Global 1st prize of short of International Cooperation it is for 27 Minutos of Fernando González Gómez.

    The second category of the Festival, Metropol'His, where in 48 hours the hyphen has to be written, to choose locations and to turn one short of 5' from 3 premises. They have been the prizes: the prize in the best photography , for for Jessica Sibina of the short Tea Quiero Lucía. The prize to the best hyphen for Ricardo Quispe , Ramón Carmona , Gregorio Zurita of the short Vidas Escondidas . Maria Rosa Bonet Presses of interpretation for protagonist of Acromatopsia . prize to the best direction is for an Eric Yanguas director of the short Hipocampo. Presses to the 2nd best short of the Metropolis , Not Normal soy of Claudia Vizuete and 1st Prize Metropolis him for Hipocampo of Eric Yanguas
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    Once the jury of the 5th edition of the Comic Workshop for Human Rights and Global Citizenship has been held on november 12th at the Ca n 'Arús facilities and the winners will be chosen, the prizes will be presented on November 19th at 11am in the Theater Joventut de L'Hospitalet.
    All the winning frames will be edited during the year 2020 in the publication Vinyetes in the School for Solidarity

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    The shorts that are presented to the Festival have to follow three premises that will be made public this Friday on day 11 of October at 19 hr, day of the act of presentation of the Festival , in the Auditòri IFP Planeta L'Hospitalet.

    PREMISE NUMBER 1:Haurà of turning up in the short, or in image, text or argument, the city of L'hospitalet De Llobregat, having weight in the development of the history.
    PREMISE NUMBER 2:La fraseque is called to the/the participants it will have to turn up in the work.
    PREMISE NUMBER 3:L'acció or object that is called to the/the participants it will have that to turn up in the curtmetratge.*Totes the premises they have that to be well integrated to the narration of the history.

    To the International Festival of Curts de Cooperación, Global , the shorts or original works of animation that are filmed from 2016, the maximum duration of which has to be from 15 minutes, including titles of credit can be shown. The contents can be documental or of fiction. The age of the participant persons in the date of finishing of its works has to be from 35 years or minor. The shown works have to promote one or more of the following subjects: the defense of the Human Rights, the culture of the peace, the communal life and the social cohesion, as well as the goals of sustainable development (ODS).
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