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  • ?seeing image of Exhibition ODS to the hall of the IES (new window)
    In the hall of the IES Pedrforca the exhibition Cities for the global justice: a vision of the goals of sustainable development have been able to enjoy pupils, teachers, and staff of the center, as well as of the talk about the goals (ODS)
    "The long-term planning is not to think of decisions future, but in the future of the present decisions" (Peter Drucker)
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    Saturday, November 10, 2018, the final awards ceremony of the Metropol'his Festival and GlobaL'H film Filmax Granvia was held. The first award of the International GlobaL'H Festival has been for the Belgian short "Fifo" by Sacha Ferbus, about the waste of food in supermarkets. The second prize has been for "White" by David Moya, raises racism. The Metropol'his Festival, where in 48 hours you must write the script, choose locations and shoot a short of 5 'from 3 premises, this year were the appearance of L'Hospitalet either as story story, a phrase or an action; a cactus and the phrase "Wednesdays are the new Fridays". The first prize and the award of the public has been for the short "Púas" by Ángel Jiménez, the second prize for the short "Aquí mando yo" by Sonia Roríguez. And the animation prize has been for "Aazar" by Alberto Rodríguez about refugee children.

    - Winners of the festival GlobaL'H and MetropoL'His 2018

    Slides by Piña Colada

    General VIDEO of the Festival
  • ?seeing image of Photos of the closure (new window)
    We have celebrated the closure of the workshop "APPROACH TO SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA" in the EMMCA. 15 workshops of music and African dance that have been carried out in the EMMCA with the goal to make aware about the defense of the Human Rights and of the International Cooperation and difondra-the among the educational community of the city of the Hospitalet.

    The workshop wants to work the sociopolitical and economic situation of the developing countries and to appraise the impact that can have the Cooperation to the Development in these zones. The workshop this sent in the educational centers of secondary and high school of The Hospitalet and to the students of the < to href=" "> Municipal School of Music of The Hospitalet (EMMCA)

    The activities programmed for this sleep workshop:

    Activity 1 - Approach to he sets to music it African. Sent to pupils from 1st to 4th of ESO and Batxillerat it consists on to introduce typical instruments of Africa in interactive way carried out by technicians in cooperation to the development and African musics

    Activity 2 - Approach to the African dance. Once from 1st to 4th of ESO and Batxillerat has been sent to pupils, it consists of a performance for a dancer of African dances.

  • ?seeing image of Talk about the SDGs to the IES Margarida Xirgu (new window)
    The exhibition about the ODS to the hall of the High School Margarida Xirgu
    Principios of the ODS

    . Universals: Implican in all countries, independently of its level of economic development.
    . Global: local, national and transnational Abordan the challenges more urgent of our times.
    . Integrals: Him an agenda interconnected in all its dimensions and at all levels: among challenges, countries and different levels of government.
    . Measurable: emphasis in the need to measure its achievement through identifications
    . Ambitious: do not leave behind to nobody (leave no-one behind).
    . Inclusive: Implican at all levels of government and in all the parts interested in a collective effort for the sustainable development.
    . Multidimensional : They include the 3 dimensions of the Sustainable Development (economic, social and environmental).
    . Based on the acquired experience of the ODM

    Report on the progress of the SDGs to 100 Spanish cities
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