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    You will be able to enjoy this organized exhibition together with the Consulate of Ukraine to Barcelona, to pass yourselves to the craftsmanship and to artistic vocation of its people. The wealth of The Hospitalet consists in the people, also in the diversity of origins, some of them refugees of conflicts. Many Ukrainians ran away from the problems of the East region that is near the zone of combat and have settled in The Hospitalet. Now they offer us a sample of its life, full of differences according to the regions and cultural trends influenced for the political processes and of globalization but sustaining the essence of its tradition. Of the hand of the painters. We, Olena Ucraintseva and Anna Torkaienko, will approach us and we, Olena Ucraintseva and Anna Torkaienko, will know its culture and we will see the process of cultural transformation that they are carried out in the world. Also we will have the opportunity to exchange opinions and to create cultural bonds.

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    Youngsters for the Equality and the Solidarity (JIS) together with the Town Council of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, summon the V Edition of the Global'H and the Edition XlIII of the Metropol'His .

    V GLOBAL'H International Festival of Curts de Cooperación. Him traffic of an International competition of shorts of fiction and animation of maximum 15 minutes filmed from 2015. The shorts have to promote the defense of the Human Rights, the Culture of the Peace, the communal life or the social cohesion.
    XIII Metropol'His Festival of Curts 48 hr Him a competition where you have 48 hours to write the hyphen, to choose the locations, to carry out the planning, to send, to act, to turn, to ride and to edit a short of maximum 5 minutes, from 3 you squeeze

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    Check here the bases of the Festival

    Sign up!:

    XIII Metropol'His

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    The Cooperation and Solidarity Program of L'Hospitalet City Council starts the 5th edition of the Comic for Human Rights and Global Citizenship a year.
    It is aimed at students of 5th grade of L'Hospitalet.

    This workshop is scheduled to be taught during the 2018-19 school year from 1/1/18 to 5/31/19. The reservation must be made by INTRO as soon as possible.
    You have to enter the username and password of your school. In case you do not remember, you can call Cristina Lope de Educación Tel: 934036850 or send her an email at
    Then go to reserve activities and choose 2018-19 and the name of the activity: Comic Workshop for Human Rights and Global Citizenship

    It is an activity subsidized by the Diputación de Barcelona, and is a free activity for schools.

    To find all the information and instructions HERE
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    The Shapeless of Synthesis about Cities and Sustainable Communities has been the main contribution of ONU-Habitat in the tématica revision of the ODS 11 during the Political Forum of High Level 2018 , celebrated New York of the 9 in the 18 of July for the evaluation and follow-up of Agenda 2030. Amine J Mohammed, General Sub Secretary's Office of United Nations, Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of ONU-Habitat and Secretary's Office General Adjunta of United Nations and Hardeep Singh Puri, President of the Governing Council of ONU-Habitat they showed the report.
    The Report of the General Secretary about the Progress of the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda was another of the shown milestones fear ONU-Habitat in the Forum of High Level. Both Reports have been carried out cone the support of the Andalusian Agency of International Cooperation for the Development (AACID). Piece of news published in:
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